Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heavy Padded Leather Hood

We were sitting in Greatroom watching a movie while sipping wine from dinner. slave was at my side enjoying the second hand smoke from my cigar. He went to the playroom in my bedroom to get a leather hood and a pair of Darby Handcuffs. He approached me on his knees asking me to lock them on him. I took hood and cuffs from him and set them on the table to my right. He looked at me with anticipation but I looked at the TV screen without responding to him until I noticed that his position was sloppy. I ordered him to kneel properly in front of me or I would give him my belt across his ass. He held the position for a good hour then told him to sit between my legs.

Rather than using the hood and cuffs, I held his mouth and nose with my hand alternating with holding the front of his neck as if to strangle him. He takes this treatment placidly, holding his hands behind his back to control the urge to struggle.

He no longer struggles, no longer flinches and no longer avoids my touch, all of which takes a great amount of self discipline to master. This tells me two things about him. He has absolutely put his life in my hands and he is constantly mindful of my attention to him.

Butch and Daniel come home from Europe today. We'll have a full table for meals again for the first time in over a month. Butch can see how well Jason has fit in to the workings of the ranch. I, with slave's approval intend to invite him into the family if Butch approves of his work during the past month. Jason is a good man.

Today is Wednesday, a day that slave hates. He dresses for business and works on numbers in the office with me. He would rather leave everything to my discretion but we're talking about his money, my money and ranch income and expenses. He needs to know what goes on and I need his detail oriented mind to find any mistakes that I make.

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