Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Path We're On.

Answers to your questions.

I don't care if he comes or not. The time is not right for him to receive pleasure of any kind except to know that I take care of him and want him to pleasure me. That is why I take him into the shower twice a day, give him my piss and use his body. I supervise him and time him while he eats and take his food away when the allotted time is up. He is so high on this trip that when he crashes it's going to be a long fall and I will be there to catch him. He knows and that is why he is so at peace, probably for the first time in his life.

Our path has changed irrevocably. Our relationship of the past is the cornerstone of where we are right at this moment. He has me where he wants me.


I took him out of the crate. He had tear stains on his face. He stood straight and threw his arms around my chest and kissed me then dropped to his knees to service me. I pushed him away and ordered him to do yoga to stretch.

"Fuck the shower this morning and you're not eating".
I removed his diaper. It was clean and dry. I let him use the toilet then locked him in the vertical cage. I used a long piece of angle wire under his crotch and above the lowest bar to keep him standing erect. He either rested at the peak of the angle, which causes considerable pain or stands on his toes to avoid it. He will stay there until I feed and bath him tonight.

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