Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Real Implication of Slavery - Part Two

The Real Implication of Slavery - Part Two


I put the boy through hell the first night of his induction as an object. I intentionally worked him to see how far I could push him. I gave him a safe word just for the night that he never used. He did a lot of teeth gnashing and muffled screaming. When I stopped working him over I asked him if he wanted me to let him go, if he didn’t he was mine until I was tired of him.

I thought he was a smart-ass when he responded “Sir, shouldn’t I be gagged when you ask me that question?” but I found as I got to know him better that when I ask him questions during play that he would rather me not ask, he will decline and answer by asking a question. I could and do live with that, it is the best way that he can let me know I am in control of his life.

The essence of this is that in a sensual Master/slave relationship, he recognizes that to be a slave, he has to be a slave. Likewise, I am not a Master unless I treat him as my slave, possession and object. None of this is easy when living in the world outside of our chosen family. We are equal and he MUST make decisions based on his autonomy even though from the time of our marriage, he shares much of the real life decision making with me.

We are fortunate in that our work is all done from home so there is no separation between work life and our home life that most people have to work around. We don’t worry about retirement accounts or health care costs. We have catastrophic health coverage for the entire family. I take care of running ranch accounts. For my slave, the worst day of the week is when we spend the day in my office double checking accounts. The reality is that like in any relationship, one is always dominant over the other. Master and slave relationships are no different whether he goes to work, work together, what ever the relationship.
Everyone on the ranch is busy working. Daniel was in bondage while in the family room with us. My slave was anxious and envious but it is not time for bondage or play. I can see his obsession and frustration growing with every passing day. It's a good thing. His only outlet is to serve me and cumming when I bang his prostate with my cock. He cums but there is no orgasm.

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  1. Lucky doesn't do justice to what you've got. Reality means that 99% of us have to separate our lives to an extent you don't have to. Of course you have to confront the outside world when it intrudes, maybe not every day but as you have indicated, it does happen. I am sure that many would give their eye teeth to have that experience.
    I believe we get what we deserve in this life, and I feel you must take and enjoy what you're given. Your Master slave relationship is built on love, respect and an understanding of the deeper things it brings. Am I jealous? Of course. Do I hope you enjoy the same happiness for years to come? Yes, I wish you both that.