Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quick Recovery

My slave sunk into a deep regenerative sleep. His determination is admirable.

I give it permission to speak. it requested two things. it asked for a flogging with a heavy bull hide flogger and permission to have an orgasm. Both are therapeutic for it after a migraine. It helps him to relax and it opens the energy blockage from the migraine. It is the only time that it actually requests to have an orgasm.

I gagged it with a ball gag head harness and tied it to the whipping post. I flogged it until it's back was as red as the flogger itself. It gasped and moaned with each stroke. I didn't count the strokes, I kept giving it until it's energy told me it was no longer feeling it. it's eyes were red and filled with tears. I licked it's tears from it's face.

I flipped it over so that it's front side was exposed.

"Please Master."

It stopped talking, I asked it what it wanted.

"Please Master, hurt me." It was the second request to be hurt by me within 24 hours.
"Please Master, I am your object..." I stopped him by covering it's mouth with my gloved hand and pinched it's nose until it dropped off from lack of air.

I will not describe what I did to it other than to say it was the most intense torture that it has ever experienced. He passed out on me several times but I persisted. it didn't scream or cry. it looked at me in terror. It made me wank several times, each time I fed it my cum.

it took it down from the post and let it collapse at my feet. it looked up at me and said, "thank you Master". I cleaned it up and stuffed it back in it's cage to rest and heal. I didn't let it cum.


  1. Completely respect your decision not to describe what you did - frustrating though it is.
    You're both deep into this now like never before aren't you.

    BTW any news of Butch and Dan? Hope all is well there.

  2. My slave is opening himself up to me. He told me that all limitations are ended as far as he is concerned without caveat.

    Butch and Daniel are enjoying Germany. Daniel is locked in the dungeon while Butch enjoys luxury and guidance. They will be in Europe for another 3 weeks.
    Daniel is learning to trust again. He has been crying, from what I am told but Christian is keeping a close eye on him. Butch is having a hard time but knows that Daniel wants this training.