Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Real Implications of Slavery – Part 4

The Real Implications of Slavery – Part 4

I realize that I am indulging in pedantic bull shit. What the hell do I know about the implications for slavery?

Find someone who you can fall madly in love with. Learn to give more than you ever expect to get. If you want to be a slave, think like a slave and do everything you can to make your Master feel like a Master and do everything you can to make the Master’s life more enjoyable.

Being a Master requires taking responsibility for the direction of another person’s life and making them feel like a slave while treating that person with respect and compassion.

Don’t rely on preconceived notions of what you want. Learn to talk to each other with compassion and restrained passion.

Respect yourself.

Do everything you can to support and grow in your chosen life style.

Always kiss each other good night.



Boy Turns Teddy Bear

My slave needed me yesterday.

It was an easy day for me so I spent the day outside with him while he worked with his menagerie. We took the horses out for a bare back ride. I rode slave outside near the edge of the woods until it started to rain. We built a fire in the bedroom and he hugged me for hours without fucking, sucking or bondage requests. He just wanted me. I was all he needed. Love was all we needed.


  1. And that's all anyone needs.

    I think you know a lot about the implications of slavery, it's what's got you what you have today. It might sound like pedantic bull shit when you read it back to yourself but it's still the essence of it all.
    Some people find it hard to love - either themselves or others. Life must be grim for them. It's plain enough in your previous post too, you get back what you give.

  2. Tony,
    This is trace.
    Every night while I am drifting off to sleep I think to myself
    "They have stripped me of everything. They have stripped me of my anger, my anxiety, my self-centeredness, my self-protection and everything that is negative. In the void that they created, love and the desire to please them found a home".

    I have been doing this since the day Christian set me right. He really beat the crap out of me, risking everything he has with us. That night was a turning point in the way I treat myself and other people that I love. I am far more at ease with myself and far more capable of showing myself love.

    Loving ones self sometimes slips through the cracks in our lives but once we find it, we begin to respond to life with more love.

  3. Thank you for that. I've sent a separate message when you get time to read it. T