Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Was The Weight

Suddenly I heard my Slave groan loudly and all the weight of the chains that bind seemed to crash on the cement floor. Christian hear it the same moment. We made a mad dash down the boys cell and open the door. Boy was laying on the floor afraid to move.

"i'm just tired Master, I am sorry to alarm you."

His face was red and the shoulder was welted where the collar pressed into his flesh. His pulse was rapid and he was breathing slowly in through his nose and in burst from his mouth.

"Call his doctor and I'll get the tools to get him out of this metal."

Butch and Daniel joined the others. Christian returned with a drill and Butch took over the boys extraction. The boy's doctor was on his way. Butch drilled the shaft of the rivets and Daniel completed the work, cleaning out the last bits and metal the prying the irons open. The boy closed his eyes while the work continued.

The dogs were raising a ruckus. The doc was inside the house looking for us as I fetched him. The guys stopped working while the doc examined the boy.

"His body is worn out from all the weight he's been carrying. Has he been complaining about pain any where"?

"Geez, you know this boy, he'd be dying from pain and he wouldn't let on. The only thing that gets him is migraine pain".

"Has he had migraines lately"?

He hasn't complained of any but again, he was in restraints so he likely could have turned even that into something erotic."

He was out of restraints and we got him onto his mattress. Doc continued his examination and said that the left shoulder was dislocated. It was the weight. The Doc pulled and massaged until the boy arched his back and cried out. "Do you have any strong pain medications in the house?"

The boy is sleeping in my bed where he belongs. Our adventure ended abruptly and I'm glad of it although not glad of the cause. I think we're done with this exercise.


  1. Ten out of ten for resolve, stamina and endurance. Letting cock rule head for so long - enough said.

    I suppose it's also a discipline to have to say "NO" to some of his bondage fantasies which, however they might appear, will sometimes have repercussions on the body. I'm glad you're both good though, he's in the best hands. Just thinking if a slave had a Master who would just think that the situation you've had was all part of the scene and not even opened the door.
    Not a good place to be.

  2. I honestly believe that most Masters, especially if they take ownership seriously, ultimately rule with their heads, not their cocks. I love giving my slave hell, I am a true sadist but if I don't cherish and protect my slave I wouldn't own him for long. With a slave who is so submissive to me and family, I need to say "NO!" and I need to know when to say it.

    Our Family is my back-up. Without them monitoring us I would be afraid of carrying thing too far.