Monday, October 13, 2014

Past Trauma

His greatest source of trauma was his mother after his father died. She was loony and spoiled and a stupid very intelligent woman. He is indifferent toward his half siblings except when the second brother tries to bully him for money but he's in prison now. His first "lover" as he admits was his misguided at keeping his Manny in his life after his grandparents died.

He has a big hurdle to jump now. His father died in January at the age Trace is now.

I think he is settled with everything from his past although he is shocked by the kind of grasp I have on him. He was unconditionally loved by his grandparents, as he now knows, but the people of his ancestry rarely displayed warmth through touching. They were stoic to say the least. With me and my big arms wrapped around him every chance I get, he knows the warmth he has always needed is right here for him. He has all of us at the ranch and his leather family as it expands.

We're not looking for any revelations in this game that we're playing other than greater respect for each other. How many slaves or submissive men or women dream of an opportunity, although fantasy, to experience what my object is living at the moment? And how many dream of a slave situation that they can never escape from? If I choose, I have ways to keep him slave for the rest of his life even if he wants to end the relationship.

I think, being able to show I can objectifying my slave is a good for both of us, given our chosen lifestyle and the depth of our love for each other.


He was fed his green liquid shit. Before I shut the peep hole door he managed to say "tighter?".
I just shook my head at his impetuousness.

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  1. I think the depth of your love for each other is quite wonderful. It is indeed something most people in a similar mind-set can only dream of.

    Thanks for the updates. Funny how the health drink becomes "green liquid shit." I can see that being advertised in the local organic market!