Monday, October 13, 2014

I weakened

I didn't make it for another 24 hours. I went down this evening in a fit of horniness to use him. That's what an object is for, right?

I got him up on his mattress and forced his knees under his gut so his ass was sticking up in the air. I spit lubed his hole and slowly slid my cock inside of him. He gasped and sighed as I penetrated him then pushed back to get me deeper inside of him. I set a pace to fuck him slowly and as gently as I could but ended up grasping the chain at the back of his collar for leverage as I lost control of myself. I fucked him long and hard before I shot my seed into him. I collapsed on top of him to recover. I heard him sniffle and quietly cry.

I turned him over to straddle his chest and buckled a dental gag into his mouth and spread it as wide as his mouth would open. I stuck my tongue in his mouth then spit inside of him several times before I face fucked him until I came a second time. The object was frustrated at not being able to suck me clean but I used my fingers to skim the cum from my cock into his mouth.

I thought of sitting with him for a while but I want him to know what it is to be an object.

I pulled the chains tightly through the side hasps of the waist restraints and locked them in place then pulled his legs up behind him so that he is hogtied. The weight of his leg irons added stress to the hogtie. I removed the dental gag and replaced it with a ball gag head harness and left him laying face down. I stood in the door opening and watched him, waiting to see how he reacted. He managed to force a muffled "thank you Master" through his gag. I locked the door and went upstairs to go to bed.

I thought about what I had done to my object and honestly loved the way I felt about it. I now think I can handle this part of our lifestyle.

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