Monday, October 13, 2014

Mind Games


You are absolutely correct in your thoughts as I read them. We are playing a mind game so it is absolutely essential to monitor the object closely. I have Christian, Butch and the entire family monitoring the boy and me to make sure I do not hurt him or damage our relationship. They are all stakeholders and have vested interest, besides being family. Because of them, Trace and I can push each other beyond what we could without them. I may be the boss but any one of them can step in to stop this if they see something going wrong.

Do I think this will make our relationship stronger? Yes!
Is the boy strong enough to handle himself even as an object? Yes!
Can he be broken? Not easily.  I don't like breaking my toys and thus the safe guards of family are paramount.

Morning update.
Object is sleeping peacefully on his mattress with his blanket covering him. He appeared to be dreaming because he had a gentle smile on his face. He appears to be acquiescing to his extreme bondage as he learns to position himself to find some bit of comfort. As he often does, he has expressed that he would like to have even less freedom. But hasn't spoken directly to anyone since the door of his cell was locked. We monitor sound as well visually.

I'm going to keep him isolated for at least 24 more hours.

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  1. Thank you for that answer. I now understand more of the way you are thinking now and how the situation is panning out.

    As he can't see this or respond, would it be possible to outline the sort of situation that might arise that made you think "whoa, that's the limit?" Would it more likely be reaction from Trace that you observed, a plea even, or something inside you that told you - enough? And by that I'm thinking of your own internal feelings about a situation rather than observing a "want" from him.
    You "don't like breaking your toys " comes over all the time when you write and I know he is in safe hands even in this situation. Reading about his past life and the trauma he's experienced before he met you I had some qualms about mind games and the effect they might have on long past memories but with the monitoring you outline I'll stop those thoughts. It's reassuring and also quite heartwarming to witness the care and attention that love places into even these -to some - outrageous actions. You have the perfect Master/slave situation there.