Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tight Tie

My slave and I discussed his "story" this morning while waking up. He said it was a "confession" that was meant for me an no one else. I decided to abide by his request not to publish it. It's too bad, it makes for good fantasy.

He wondered if he was a sex/and BDSM addict. I'm the wrong person to discuss sex addiction because my libido is constantly super charged. I think that we're healthy. We both manage to live a constructive life and have fun.

Slave is tied, gagged, plugged, and blindfolded into a very tight and unforgiving package this morning. He is listening to recordings, reinforcing the hypnotic suggestions that we worked on about the time Reggie came from London to visit. He actually requested to be in the tightest hogtie that I could get him into and leave him alone for the morning. I think he started regretting his request about the time I turned the lights out on him.

We're taking our BMW's out this afternoon for a ride then coming home after dinner.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry about the story, was looking forward to that, but never mind. It's personal and respect for that.

    Lucky BMWs. It's really getting past pleasant biking weather here. The Honda gets polished but doesn't get out much at the moment. I hope T gets his limbs stretched a bit before taking the bike out, that hog tie sounds really restrictive and the black top is not very forgiving. Have fun.