Friday, October 24, 2014


My slave and I headed south to San Francisco instead of north. He hasn't been in the city for months so on a whim, I took him down the Coastal highway until we crossed the bridge then dropped our bikes off at the condo and took public transportation around the city. The boy likes to walk. I think he can walk endlessly without stopping and I have to work to keep up with him.

We had dinner at Zuni Cafe'. Slave got the piccolo frito (Hen of the Wood (Maitake) Mushrooms and I went the flesh route with Rabbit roasted in a brick oven. We lingered over cheese with squash blossoms and coffee then walked over to the Lone Star for a beer and to meet friends who make it their Thursday night hangout.

I was talking to a friend who is also a slave owner. My slave was behind me facing the opposite direction when a slightly more that tipsy guy walked up to him. The boy greeted him with a friendly hello and the guy tried to buy him a drink. My slave said "thank you sir but you need to talked to my owner". I turned to watch my slave from my far left. The guy reached up to touch my collar on my slave and the boy blocked him and told the guy that he could not touch him without getting his Master's permission. The guy reached up again, disrespecting the slave. He grabbed the collar.

Much to my shock and shaken surprise, the slave ripped the guys fingers from his collar then grabbed the guy with his right hand and bent it backward, "sir! If you touch me one more time I will break the offending hand at the wrist". The guy winced and tried to take his hand away but the slave pushed it harder. I grabbed MY slave by wrapping my hand around his head and covering his mouth and nose with my hand. I whispered "you better heed my slave's warning. Mu slave dropped the guys hand. The guy stumbled and nearly feel. He grabbed the guy an helped him stand then turned and the bartender to call a taxi for the guy.

I took a short lead from my pocked and snapped it on to the boys collar and made him kneel with his face buried in my crotch until it was time to leave.

I honestly thought that my slave would break the guys wrist. I have never seen him so aggressive before.

Question: Why is it that so many guys challenge a person wearing a slave collar?

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  1. A not so calm ending to an otherwise decent day by the look of it.

    It may have been because he was tipsy. It may be because people are not used to a person being someone's personal property and therefore off limits although T had already told him what the situation was. There's also the feeling amongst some that people who are gay, or look gay or are simply in a gay bar are typically weak and not up to reinforcing their personal values. So that guy may have thought that your property was fair game.
    The slave collar is worn with pride but that can be mistaken for a sign that "if you're weak enough to give yourself to another man you're only half a man yourself." Misguided, mistaken, and definitely missing the point. I read and re read the banner on this blog. It should be more widely understood.