Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Locked Up Again

The boy is locked up in the Groethal Chastity Belt again after having use of his cock when he could reach it. I've got to muscle him up again after the last ten days laying around (laughing to myself), if you lugging over a hundred pound of steel that is an unrelenting companion.

Speaking of steel, Ray made up some pins to go through the rivet holes so we done have to go through the somewhat dangerous process of installing hot rivets. Ray wondered if soft amalgam rivets would hold with all the weight that would cause stress on them. I did a little decorating with the restraints. We have a canopy bed from Dungeon Beds. I hung the Irons of the corner post near his head. He not so oddly approved.

It's 7:54pm here. The boy is already in bed with his dog Tommy at his feet.
He worked in his studio after we played earlier. He had a lot of pent up energy to take out on his paintings.

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  1. 100lbs of steel, well of anything, is a heavy load. About 3 suitcases at the airport and I get someone else to cart them around. Puts the irons into perspective.

    I now have this image in my head of that scream echoing round a valley and someone smiling to themselves as they pick it up.
    Was wondering when the painting would restart, it's just such a good way of getting rid of stress, energy and pent up feelings.