Friday, October 10, 2014


My slave totally shocked me last night. We were watching a program about prison life in Arizona. The focus of the program was gangs and gang violence in the prison. He said and he meant it, violence in prison could be ended by chaining people the way you chain me, so they can't do anything but sit there bored out of their minds. Give them minimal nutrition, don't give them any privileges and let them rot in the hell that they create for themselves. If they committed violent acts, let then let them rot without possibility of release.

Then he recanted by saying that he thought non-violent and prisoners who can be reformed should be separated from prisoners who committed violent crimes. If they become a threat then they should be chained with the violent prisoners.

Slave is so humanistic in most things that it was a shock to hear him.

Things like this amuse me. Serendipitous coincidence always amuses me. Watching the program about prisons and our conversation come as I finished a deal with and architectural re-use store for
six prison cells from a 19th century jail that was torn down and my plan to bring slave north this afternoon to be riveted in his heavy chains again. slave doesn't know about my plans and I am sure he will not like being in the heavy chains again but he won't protest. I'm bringing him home in the chains this time so I have direct control of him.

"Everything you have ever wanted
  is on the other side of fear."

                         - George Addair

slave was up early today. He was sitting on the deck waiting for the sunrise over the valley. He had a cup of coffee on the deck floor alongside of his chair. He wore a checked shirt, jeans, his shit kickers, cowboy hat and tan leather gloves. He held a lit cigar in his teeth while he pleasured his tits. It was such a beautiful site that I stood inside the door and watched him.



  1. I'm sure he won't protest but am just as sure he won't like it - well not that much.
    I hope we get to read the details - please.

    Violence in society, it's always a tricky one. Bleeding hearts on one side and the lock 'em up and forget 'ems on the other. Of course I favour flogging them but sadly that went out of fashion as did, seemingly, manners and a thought for other people.

  2. Are you going to rebuild the 19th century jail on your property? That is so cool!

  3. I am building as close a reproduction as possible. I only have the steel and copies of pictures from the county library. It was originally built of brick. Brick structures are a bad idea in California because of earthquakes.