Friday, October 24, 2014

I Think You Are Correct

My slave is vulnerable appearing by his own design but he can be so hot looking all the same. He smiles and treats everyone with respect and warmth. I can see how people can make the mistake of thinking he is not wholly masculine. He admits to his desire to be more butch, hairy and obviously muscled but that is not the man I know him to be. I give him more hell and pain than I could handle myself and I'm fuckin' big and scary looking and I handled a lot of pain in my time as a slave.

We're spending another night in the city. We'll be hitting some of the kink shops and of course, Mr. S Leathers. My slave has a date with a  friend to play. I think he's going to enjoy himself. The guy videos everything and I gave him permission but after the boy's identity is obscured.

1 comment:

  1. Of course the other factor in his aggression towards that particular stranger was the demonstration of his devotion to you. He's showing what he'd do to say, a burglar in your home or someone who was damaging you or your property in some way.
    It obviously wasn't that he felt threatened personally, or at least I would think that was the case, as he can well take care of himself if need be. In a way it's the same as the dogs protecting him and the geese the ranch. You protect what you love.