Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am keeping him prisoner/object without any clue to the outcome. We're living this moment by moment. It is rather a conclusion of our first time together when he came to me to be my object except that I know him now so I can be much more of a beast than I could without all the knowledge of him that I've collected in our short time together.

I fully intent to bring him to the point where he begins to believe he is an object. I suspect that there will be times when I have difficulty pushing him and myself but I will have Christian monitoring the entire interaction. He will sure me up or stop me so there is a safeguard of having a more experienced Master overseeing the needs of both my slave and myself. He can also act for me in my weakness.

This is truly an adventure for all involved.

The slave knows himself better and is in far stronger than when I first met him.

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  1. Thank you for your reply Ian. I was about to write again, after a night's sleep, to apologise for the questioning which I thought might be intrusive. But after reading this I am drawn into your lives even further.As you've chosen to write the blog I can't be blamed for interest or empathy and I have a strong feeling you don't resent either. I'm grateful for that.

    Not understanding fully the situation or the individuals involved, as one can't from the outside, the only thing, I was about to say worry about but concern will do, is what the gain would be from him beginning to believe he is an object? Ignore this is if sounds simplistic, I know you won't harm him, but I come from a background where Master/slave activities include torture, pain and gratification and respect on both sides. I can't help but see "mind games" going on with Trace and I've never been completely at ease with that. Would it make your relationship stronger? I can't see it being any stronger than it is now, at 110%.
    Whatever, you've certainly given this guy something to think on and wonder about.