Friday, January 3, 2014

Bindings inside The Box

Slave asked me to describe the bindings inside The Box.

Answer to your first question: No, Master did not choose to use a straight jacket although we own six of them between the two of us, including a step in heavy rubber model with an attached hood. My favorite is my black leather jacket with the red lining and quilting. It's clingy when it gets sweaty.
I never bother to guess what Master intends. I'm usually wrong.

The restraints inside The Box are comprised of a muzzle that can be attached to the wall of The Box, a two inch wide collar, two inch strap across the upper chest just under the arms, a strap just under the pectorals and one at the waist. The arms are strapped to the sides of The Box; at the upper arm, just below the elbow and at the wrist. The legs restraints are on the thigh, jest below the knee and at the ankles. There is also a metal ring in the bottom or the box, dead center, in case the bottom is naked and cbt is intended. Most of the straps are two inches wide and all of the straps have locking buckles. I'm a big fan of locks even though they are not really needed.

I found this posting on tumblr and wanted to comment on it. If you are interested in REAL POWER EXCHANGE RELATIONSHIPS  type realpowerexchange in you tumblr search bar.

One seldom sees chastity belts today. It’s design, while visually hot, is cumbersome and impractical for long-term use. Those into “controlling the seed” know cages and tubes are comfortable, very secure and far more practical. But those of us with a sadistic streak know first-hand how effective the belt design is in not only controlling but in wearing down a potential slave.

Many years ago, a young submissive and I were auditioning each other for a potential Master-slave relationship. (While the concept doesn’t work well in porn stories, it works brilliantly in real life and most lasting Master-slave relationships begin this way.)  It was southern California, midsummer and hot. My young buck had been locked into a device similar to those shown above for several days and its restrictive, claustrophobic nature was clearly taking its toll on him. His tugging, fidgeting, whining and complaining escalated. One afternoon while driving, he got the best of me. I pulled into secluded corner of the Fry’s Electronics parking lot in the San Fernando Valley. He pulled down his jeans, I produced the key and the belt was removed. One might say the belt proved to be stronger than both of us and it won! But it’s not a win/lose type of thing; the belt simply provided a fairly accurate reading as to how well my potential slave could deal with consistent confinement.

In my book, the real beauty of a chastity belt has nothing to do with prevent ing an orgasm and everything to do with producing the consistent restrictive, confining, controlled environment required to determine how a prospective slave can deal with the stress. The young buck did not become my slave but I’ve no doubt he eventually found the right Master for him and I’m pretty sure that Master is one hard-ass son-of-a-bitch.
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Comment: The chastity belt is cumbersome and often uncomfortable but it is practical for long term use except when a slave has a bowel issue. I carry a small packet of wet tissues with to aid in clean up. It's hard to take crap when you wear it full time.
I loved the idea of being locked up so I have tried a number of belts, tubes, etc.  I usually wear the belt in the third image. It is the newest. I wear it 24/7 unless I travel or I develop a problem like a rash or other hotspot. I wear it when I run with a jock and tight spandex over to keep from chaffing.
The top in the post did the right thing when he removed because it does take time to "acclimatize" the body to wear them. Tubes take less time.
I would never fuss over discomfort unless I felt there was something happening that shouldn't happen, in that case I would be honest rather than fussing. The belt that I wear is there because my Master wants it there or I'd just wear them for play. He is "one hard-ass son-of-a-bitch" but he also concerns himself with my wellbeing. It seems to me that more spontaneous I am in showing my adulation to him, the more he takes me to places that I could never imagine on my own.
If you want to be a slave, you have to practice being one just as you would practice a religion. And concern yourself with making other people happy rather than yourself. Your own happiness will follow naturally. Being a "do-it-to-me" guy is making the Dom the slave.

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  1. Thank you for the answer. The description of the inside of The Box is enough to get the pulse racing here. Your last sentence is so so true and also very often the cause of break downs in s/M relationships.