Thursday, January 23, 2014


It was a long day yesterday. Master stuffed my ass with a plug then tied me to a kitchen chair. He told me that I had to free myself.

We started at about 10:am and he finally let me out at 11:30 pm last night.

It was a LONG, LONG Day!
No matter how I tried, I couldn't reach any of the knots.

We're leaving for Aspen to ski with friends for a long weekend so if I'm absent here, you know I'm racing down a mountain in Colorado. We'll be back on Wednesday!

I just dozed off in the middle of writing the last sentence.

I would love to experience this!
I've had various limbs in casts but this would be totally mind blowing!


  1. Make sure you don't need a cast after skiing - have fun.

  2. That plaster statue trip would be fun to try --though arms behind back would be better, don't you think?

    I hope you're getting the extra nutrition that your doctor ordered while you're enduring these fun-filled, extra long bondage sessions. Oatmeal and piss don't count.

    Have a blast skiing this weekend,

  3. I've been skiing since I was a toddler. I haven't broken anything yet and I used to be a jumper.

    Yeah, Pete is feeding me green smoothies for a mid-afternoon snack. He varies the content from day to day. They taste good and have things like kefir, flax, oats or walnuts along with berries, apple, ginger, cinnamon or Tumeric. I'm not a fan of Tumeric.