Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ten Penny Nails and Darby Handcuffs

The day started as usual. I woke very early because It was one of those nights when I couldn't wait until morning. I meditated for a while after doing yoga then sat in the living room to read. I went out to take care of the animals and went for a sunrise ride on the stallion. I rode bareback, that seemed ironic consider that I was ridden bareback later that morning.

I cleaned up then crawled back under Master's arms for a few more hours of sleep. He grumbled something about me being cold and then fell back to sleep. 

We played in the barn early in the afternoon. It was simple but eventually painful. Master locked a pair of Darby cuffs on my wrists then nailed the to a wood post with a ten penny nail so that I was forced to stand on the balls of me feet. Before leaving me, Master opened the door to the corral where the Alpaca spend their day. They wandered in and out of the barn. Sometimes they licked me or nibbled at me.  They do this weird nibble that sort of pinches without breaking the skin. I think that groom each other by doing that.  I was covered with Alpaca and Lama saliva in no time. Weird!

Master came out to play with me. He gagged me with a ball gag and snapped tiny black plastic clothespins over my body. The clothes pins are not much wider than an eight inch and they have tiny sharp points that feel like needles poking the skin without actually breaking through the skin. They cause the skin to protest with almost unbearable pain.

Master kneeled in front of me and took my cock into his mouth. He stimulated me until I nearly cum then started to backhand and slap the clips of my body, while laughing at my screams. He placed the clips around the edge of my corona and nibbled at my tits. My cock grew, causing the clips to dig deeper into my cock. He slapped the clips off my cock while I fought back tears. He kneeled in front of me again to take my cock in his mouth. He sucked until I came, then stood up and spit the cum into my face.

Master pulled the nail out of the post and walked me into the house.

One of my Mares is pregnant, as I expected.

Daniel emerged from The Box after nearly two days of isolation. He was as high as a kite and exhausted. His smile started from deep within his psyche. It was the longest bondage that he's experienced since escaping his ass of a Master in S.F. It was good to see him comfortable with bondage again.


  1. Sounds like the perfect Sunday.

    Are those particular clothes pins still available to buy?

  2. That was a hot story --well, except for the Alpaca licking!

    Nice of you to share your toybox with your friend.

    I was going to ask about those clothespins, too.


  3. Tiny clothespins - I have two plastic cups with 50 clothespins each. I found them at a vendor at International Mr. Leather in Chicago a few years ago. I looked for them on the internet last night I couldn't find the same design. Check out craft stores.

    Alpacas and Lamas are like puppies when the owner or caregivers are with them. They love human touch and contact. They gently butt, lick, kiss and brush against me when I work with them. If they are threatened or angry they will spit. I've only been spit on once and that was when we brought a new male out of a truck to the pen. He was terrified after a long trip and seeing a human that he didn't know trying to handle him.

  4. OK thanks.
    Do you use their coats for weaving or selling? There's a small Alpaca farm about 3 miles from here and they shear them regularly I think, either that or they simply shed and it's collected. Always kids standing by the fences looking at them.

  5. Lamas and Alpaca are sheared in the spring. I've contracted a man to come to teach me how to do it so that I can eventually assist him. I'm sending the fur out to be cleaned and carded. I'm getting some of it sent back as roving so I can spin it into yarn and most of it spun into yarn then sent back to me.

    I have friends back in my hometown who own a Merino Sheep farm in New Zealand. They have the wool from their sheep turned into suiting material that they have made into suits for their own wardrobes.

    I'm more interested in weaving yardage for blankets and throws. I have a loom that I can weave fabrics up to 100 inches wide.