Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Power of Symbols


Simple suggestions like an iron manacle around a wrist can seem a greater sexual turn-on than pictures of complicated Bondage, “torture”, fucking and sucking. They are symbolic of a thousand possibilities. This picture conjures long term bondage for me. It brings back memories of the thirty days in Master’s dark attic dungeon before I earned the right to call him Master. I had no access to time or light except a tiny red spot in a far corner. Scraps of food were brought to me sporadically. Punishment for nothing that I did was harsh. Screaming or moaning invited greater agony and longer hours of absolute boredom. He said he would throw me out when he grew tired of me. He said I had no choice in the matter once we began. I was testing him, as I was testing my own resolve to learn how far my fantasies would take me.

Thirty days with an abrupt end. He apologized for throwing me out before he intended then disappeared, completely.

 Picture from Tumblr
More symbolic than real bondage?


  1. Master Ian is about as near to the perfect image of a Master as I think you can get. You both have a near perfect situation too, time, the financial stability to use that time for your desires and the ability to realise them, to make them a working reality.
    The iron manacle is a strong image, made more so I think by the fist. I always get more turned on by the image if it looks like the captive is strong or making some sort of effort - however useless - to resist.

  2. Images of men in iron shackles on TV or comic books fueled my first bondage fantasies a a young boy.

    This might be an awkward question since your Master reads your blog, but do you ever worry about being abandoned again sometime in the future?


  3. Slavejack,
    I really don't worry about anything anymore, it doesn't do any good. I would never presume to guess at what Master might do in the future, that would be disrespectful of our trust in each other. I was never abandoned, Master monitored me frequently even when I felt he had.

  4. Slave,
    I am and everything I have up to the day Master came into my life a product of loss of family. Friends and family mean more than anything that I can imagine. Yes, we are very fortunate and we both work, though it may be at odd times, to build our little world. We have many people who depend on us.