Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jabber, Jabber, Crash and Burn

Master locked Steven an me in the dungeon behind the wine cellar. It is constantly sixty degrees and well hidden behind oak walls. The other walls are sealed rock so the rooms are arid. My great uncle played there with his lover and friends. Now it contains a low table that is used for punishment and two cage-like cells with chains sunken into the rocks.

Master chained us in pre-nineteenth century irons and locked us in separate cages. Master gave us permission to talk quietly for a short time then go to sleep. He closed the door, leaving us in sound proofed isolation. I’ve slept in this dungeon often, sometimes for days at a time, so I almost relish the quiet that it enforces upon me.

Steven had many questions that I began to answer before I grew tired of him. “Listen Steven, I’m going to give you an outline of life around here and the chain of command. I own everything here. Master and I are partners in a Master and slave relationship. He runs my ass, runs the business as well as his family business interests. Christian, the guy you met on your way in is our security man and my body guard. Butch, the blonde guy outside is the caretaker; he makes sure everything physical about the place is taken care of. Daniel, the tall thin guy takes care of the animals. He answers to Butch. They are Daddy and boy. Pete is the Chef and trainer. He is gay and has a boyfriend who visits on some weekends. That leaves me. I have my hands in everything. I work in the office with Master and I work outside with Butch and Daniel. I also wake up before everyone and tend to the animals then get ready to serve Master when he wakes up. I work in my studio as much as possible. Even though I own everything, I am low man on the totem pole much of the time. I answer to Butch for things outside, Christian, Pete and above all Master. If you stick close to me and Daniel, you will know what you are expected to do and how to behave. Do not invoke punishment thinking it is role play. You will not enjoy it and you do not want to give Master reason to think you are disrespectful. He’ll throw out. Respond to everyone with deep respect. Think of all others before yourself and you will be golden around here. Master confers with me about people who come to live here. Address everyone as “Sir” unless Master tells you otherwise. All of your questions will be answered by your experiences.”

I closed my eyes and turned away, covering myself with an old wool army blanket. I arranged myself and the chains and then fell to sleep.

I had a restless night after an initial snooze. I sat at the back of the cage imagining images in the jet black room. It was probably nerve signals searching for stimulation. I wasn’t wearing my chastity belt so I could play with my cock and balls. I didn’t want to cum; I wanted to feel myself grow in response to gentle stimulus. The skin was soft as I slid it over my partially erect shaft. I focused my attention on my scrotum and testis. The skin felt like elastic tissue paper. It was relaxed and extended in length instead of tight and wrinkled against my crotch. My nipples were dense and erect, standing proudly away from my cold chest. I fell asleep again, only to wake again. My mind would not stop. I tried to meditate through my chakra. It worked and then my thoughts danced off in another direction. The usual peace that I seek in the dark was out of grasp.

Master came to release us. We walk outside in the cold because the wine cellar is a cave in a hillside outside of the house. The sunlight burned my eyes and my vision was distorted by an aura that signaled that I was going to have a migraine. I get them occasionally when I have several consecutive sleepless nights. Master saw what I was feeling in one glance. He gave me medicine and took a warm shower with me then sent me to bed.

Steven was turned over to Christian for the day. I’m sure that he was feeling things that rocked his world.


  1. "Think of all others before yourself...." if only we could all do that more of the time.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I was watching CNN for a few minutes today. There was another school shooting recently. A behaviorist said that humans are genetically programmed to be violent and ferocious. That's one of the reasons we evolved as a species. He said that we should expect more violence as our species competes more for territory or space.

    Other historians tell us we are living in the least time of violence and experience greater individual safety that ever before.

    I can evidence for both arguments but I can't imagine that violence ever makes people happy. I think all major prophets taught that true happiness comes love and compassion. That means a commitment to thinking of others before yourself.