Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quiet Evening at Home

Bound ankles wrist and pulled up tight against my butt, wrist to elbow behind the back. Ball gagged with added duct tape under a leather hood.  Stuffed in a leather Hogsack and left to sweat.

The Hogsack
Use it how you wish. A lot of people fold the arms in front but it was intended to be used with the arms folded behind the back. Master Uses it to achieve it's maximum potential. It can be intensely punishing.
A movie was playing in the background and his cigar smoke swirled around the room.  The movie ended but the release I expected didn't come. Master had fallen asleep.
Master released me at 3:47 am.  He helped me unfold my limbs and stand.  I went into the kitchen for a tall icy drink of water then crawled in to bed alongside Master. 

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