Friday, October 25, 2013

Punishment for nothing

Master had a new collar made after seeing a similar collar Serious Bondage.  It is a high thick collar that rigidly locks onto my cage bars. He stuffed my ass with a plug and locked it in place. and cuffed and manacled me with four way police cuffs with an 18 inch chain between the wrists and ankles.  I crawled into my cage and he placed the collar around my neck.  A protrusion from the back of the collar grasps the cage bars as it is locked around my neck. He locked my cage and left me in the dark overnight and into today.

He took me out of the cage but left the restraints on. He told me to stand in the center of the dungeon. He drew his heavy belt from his jeans and beat the hell out of me.  There was not apparent reason except that he felt like it.

Found on Tumblr
Leaving the restraints on, He chained my collar to the wall in the dungeon and left me until this evening.
That's the way it goes.

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