Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unfinished Business

We started the morning in the Dungeon where we were interrupted the day before. Master strapped me down on the table after he gagged and blindfolded me. I drew his belt from his jeans and gave me three whacks, one on my butt, one across the thighs and the last across my back. He left his belt lay across my back and left me to ponder the coming pain.

As I drifted off into bondage euphoria, I began to think about the handcuffs that he broke the day before and Master's speed and agility. He's a big man who is as likely to move like a Ninja Warrior as he is to move like the Hulk that he appears to be. I thought of actually trying to escape him and how utterly useless it would be. I thought of how happy I am to have him for a Master, best friend and love. I lost my ability to have a logical thought and I drifted deeper into euphoria. I felt my hard cock which he had pulled back between my legs, straining to straighten out in front of me.

My back side was on fire when he finished working me over.  He was nude and his cock rigid and red.  He pulled me down to the bottom of the table and sunk himself inside me. He finished loading my ass then hiked me atop the table again and played with my tits while working my cock until I shot.

We got dressed and walked the horses and a couple of the dog around the ranch. It was like a slow Sunday with nothing to do and no where to go.

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