Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rubber and Diapers

I've never been much into rubber except a bondage suit that I bought in Australia.  It's made of super heavy black rubber with the opening at the back above the waist.  Instead of being stretchy it's compressing.  It's difficult to get into and almost impossible to get out of, especially without a second pair of hands. It's a one piece suit with attached feet, mitts and hood with only nose openings.  The zipper goes up the back to the top of the head and locks there.  I've stashed it in a plastic tub because the two experiences that I've had in it left me feeling afraid of it.  The story about the box on MetalbondNYC prompted me to take it out of it's hiding place and show it to Master.  He insisted that I get zipped into it the moment he saw it.  A half container of corn starch later I was completely sealed except for the two hoses that fit into my nostrils.

I felt different about being in it this time. It had everything to do with complete trust in Master.  I was locked in it for several hours of Breath play and spanking. Getting swatted through sweaty rubber increases the pain.

We were watching porn together a couple weeks ago. The bottom was wearing diapers and a plastic chastity device.  He was quite mouthy and disrespectful but the top fed into it. I mentioned that diapers were stupid and humiliating.  Master turned my words into a weapon today when we went down to San Francisco. We went to spend the day shopping for rubber, art supplies and have lunch with friends. Master bought a bright green package of men's diapers.

Just be careful not to tell you Master what you don't like because he might turn on you with it.

Henry makes really cool rubber and uses extra thick rubber.  My suit was custom.  My suit is all black with a locking zipper.

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