Sunday, March 9, 2014


Leisure life is nearing an end here on the ranch. We've been able to travel and play with abandon over the past months but work season begins in earnest tomorrow. The architects and gardeners begin laying out the vineyards and buildings associated with them.

We brought our Pigmy Goats home today after a mad weekend dash to Oregon  to pick them up. They are cool little characters that are already affectionate with us. They like to be held and carried like puppies. I want to be at home more to enjoy keeping all the animals instead of wondering, sometimes aimlessly. It's time to start enjoying the life I intended when I moved here.

I haven't painted for over a week and I've written on the run instead of spending quality time on the writing project that is coming due.

Master and I are getting married and having a party at home to celebrate with friends instead of running off on another trip. We both feel a need to settle down.

This blog is essentially coming to an end with this posting. I'm going to concentrate on things that really matter instead of revealing our sexual exploits. I'm tired of writing about them and tired of discussing my private life with people that I don't know.


  1. I'm sorry to see you go, but completely understand. Take good care of your Master and enjoy a life of service.

  2. Well, if I may comment, it sounds as if you've found the life you've always wanted. I'm sorry not to be in contact although maybe if I send you an email you'll find time to reply sometime? This blog has been most interesting and not just for the sexual exploits, it's been personal too.

    Have a good life together Trace and Ian, I'll think of you.

  3. Thank you for an enjoyable read. I have been enthralled with your posts, sexual or otherwise, and I'm sorry to see it coming to such an abrupt end. (I was hoping to see a photo of the new goats)! You are extremely lucky to live the life you are leading and I appreciate you sharing your adventures. You will be missed. My very best wishes to you both, Master and slave.