Sunday, March 2, 2014

Middle aged bigot

While out today, I heard two middle aged me making jokes about homosexuality after one of the accidently brushed up against the other. They were obviously friends, the kind of guys who's wives follow behind them as if they are being lead by an invisible leash.

Master and I make a formidable looking couple. I'm 6'1" with a slightly unruly stache and goatee balancing my shining shaved head. Master is 6'7" man who is now completely shaved. We're rarely antagonistic but for some reason, we snapped at the same time and verbally assaulted the two men who aren't worth the shit from our asses. We both felt like beating the crap out of them.

Why bother, except that we were both offended by their jokes.

We're heading home tomorrow. We decided to drive and take time to relax and be alone together


  1. I often wonder if those who make snide remarks and jokes about homosexuality are trying to deflect thoughts that they have about the truth - that they are covering up what they know deep down. Which is, of course, that they secretly would like to experience some of the love two men can have for each other. No better or worse than religious persecution in times gone by. One of my biggest hang-ups is the fight for freedom of thought and actions that don't impinge on others. My favourite quote is Voltaire .."I may not agree with what you have to say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."
    I have friends who drove the coast road from Seattle to San Francisco for their honeymoon a few years back, rented a convertible, it rained.:(

  2. I believe your right. Someone once asked me how I could stand "taking it up the ass". He was being snide. He was a Jewish guy. I asked him how he could stand to eat gifelte fish.

    I think he wanted to know what it felt like. He was afraid to ask the real question.

    Driving the Pacific Coast for a holiday is best done in Late September through October. It's our least rainy season. Last year was different. I rained very little all year.