Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Very Little Sex except in the morning

We're in Oregon. I think we'll be home late Wednesday.  The weather is good. It rains, mists and gets sunny as we drive through each microcosm. It's exactly what we expected. We let road signs direct us as we drive. We turned up a valley road because a sign said "Pigmy Goats", another sign drew us off the road that said "buttery cheeseburgers". We're driving out toward Pendleton to buy Indian Blankets and wool shirts tomorrow.

We're zig-sagging back and forth, burning up a lot of gas.

I lied about sex. I gave Master head while he was driving. I've always wanted to try it.

I was thinking more about homophobia today.  I've collected a few pictures of Military Men who were showing intimacy and closeness, as in friendship and male bonding.

We see women hugging and kissing each other while expressing affection. We don't immediately view as sexual. Up until recently, it was taboo for men to do the same.  Why can't we all express our love and affection without worrying about labels and judging one another?


  1. Well I hope master was able to keep his hands on the wheel! I expect all is well on the ranch now and the animals gave you the appropriate welcome.

  2. We took an extra day but we're home.