Sunday, March 23, 2014

Soft and Fluffy

Has anyone owned or touched the fur of a Great Pyrenees? Their fur is like cotton candy without the stickiness. The Pygmy Goats are either curly and wiry or silky. Alpaca are soft and fluffy, their cousins, the llama are fluffy and slightly coarse to the touch. The Horses are silky but when you ride them bareback  while naked, the hair can stab you in all your tender tender places.

I used most of the day outside grooming the animals. My naked and waxed body was covered with hair, fur, sweat and dirt by the end of the day. I rinsed off in a cold outdoor shower before going into the house.

Master had a treat for me when I went into the bedroom to change. He purchased what seems to be science fiction headgear. It consists of a steel posture collar with a lot of bolts, turnbuckles and a padlock on each side of the neck. An extension goes down back of the neck and another down the chest. When everything is fitted, it is impossible to move the head. A muzzle contraption fits from the neck, just below the chin to the back of the collar and another steel band wraps around the head at eye level to form a loose fitting eye shield that partially blocks vision. A steel tube fits in the mouth and curves up the front of the face and attaches to the harness strap at the forehead. The head is completely imprisoned. An optional funnel fits into the top of the tube.

Master tied me so that I was stuck in a seated position. We were in the TV room watching soccer games. I was the urinal for the evening. Five beer guzzling guys made use of me. My gut filled, my bladder felt like it would burst and there was no way to get relief except to soak an antique oriental carpet.



  1. Love that description of the fur. Sensual doesn't get near.

    Sometime you'll have to display a pic of that headgear, difficult to imagine every detail. However, the description of the urinal is another matter, do you have Rug Doctor?:)

    1. We have a cleaning man come in with his crew.
      I'll ask for permission to post a picture next time we play with it.

  2. Glad to see you're posting again! That headgear sounds intense and I too would love to see a photo though it seems that is not your style. Oh, well. --jack

    1. I'll ask for permission but Master will likely dismiss the request.