Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I run every other day. I bumped into a guy that we'll call "Jim" who runs on about the same schedule and takes the same route that I usually take. It has a lot of flat road with a smattering of hills that can be very challenging on some days.

Jim is taller than me. He has blondish-red hair and a complexion that makes him look like he works outside. His shoulders are wide, his deltoids are biceps are huge with apparent veins and his thighs and calves are enormous.

I started to feel like he was planning his run to coincide with mine. It almost seemed as if he was stalking me. I mentioned in to Master and Christopher so Christopher drove by us several times to check him out. It didn't seem like a big deal until one evening, Jim asked me if I wanted to stop by his house on the way toward home for a beer.
"I'd have to run that past my owner" was all that I said.
"You're owner?" He looked puzzled.
I put my finger through my collar and said, "yes, I'm in a very committed relationship. I stopped for a moment and pulled the front of my shorts down to show him the chastity device that I wear when I'm running.

I knew what he was after.

"But hey", I said, "how about you coming up to have a beer on the ranch later on this evening"?
And so, that is what he did. He came around to the front door. Pete invited him in to meet Master. Master called me in to introduce him to our guest. We talked for a while then Master invited Jim for dinner. He said he'd already eaten and said he had to go. Master invited Jim to stop by anytime. Jim said he is not gay but said he'd stop by once in a while. I wondered if that would be the end of that. It wasn't. We've met a few times on our runs but he's never come up to the ranch again.

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  1. So, do you think he's really gay or not? Your comment - "I knew what he was after" makes it sound as if you thought he was, tho if he hasn't returned maybe he isn't. Then again maybe he wanted you for himself and is intimidated by the size of the opposition.
    Still, you've been kind to him so he has the choice of visiting and being friendly or not. I often wonder about ulterior motives in people then stop myself, thinking it's only me who's suspicious, one of my faults.