Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Atlas Shrugged

I just finished reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I had to read it in high school. My thoughts about it are radically different now than they were years ago. We've been watching Continuum on Netflix during the past week. Continuum starts out 50 years in the future in a world run by the Corporate Rights Counsel. It is interesting that my media infusions have been about fighting corporate greed.

Ayn Rand was prophetic in describing a world without shortages of resources and ruled by corporations. It seems as if it was based on the break-up of monopolies and cornered markets of the early 1900s. The prophetic part is that companies are building economic and political influences the barely skirt the definition of monopolies.

I witnessed it in my family. Grand Dad and his brother built a small company that grew rapidly after 1955. They bought a failing competitor in state then another across the country. They bought out a company in the UK and then one of the major supplier of parts. They were a family business that kept growing and buying until another larger corporation bought them. They were ready to sell because there was no family except me to take over and I had no interest. The corporation that purchased them also build jets, helicopters, and they own a huge number of other small and large companies. The Corporation is a quiet company with unbelievable holdings and political influence and many Federal contracts, most of them with the Department of Defense. There are so many corporations like this that in my paranoid thought, seem to rule the world which the average person is defenseless. I wonder if we are delusional in thinking we live in the land of the free. We're all slaves in one way or another.

I found this picture on tumblr the other day. I printed it and stood it up on Master's computer keyboard. Dan and I both got to try the position out.
Here's how the person who posted it described it: 
"I’ve been tied like that — always with a butt plug crammed in my tight fuckhole — and then my man just uses my mouth and cums on my face.  Meanwhile, I’m tied up, horny, and hard, and not able to do a thing about it."
It's exactly how it went for us. Master, Butch, Christopher and Pete all joined in to make Dan and me happy


  1. I'm not so sure it's paranoid thought. Mulitnationals have far more power than most people think and influence both their own and foreign governments, generally for their own ends.

    That pic from straighthell makes the position look easy - but I bet it's not when you get into it. Lovely position for some cum fun tho.

    1. The hardest thing to deal with in the position is the strain on the shoulders. It is not bad at first but it builds rapidly. I hard a fairly wide collar on. Having the neck bent backwards also gave me a little neck strain that Master worked afterwards with massage and manipulation.
      It was fun!

  2. wonderful picture. This position seems ideal to be used as nothing more than a waiting mouth for a cock. Face jutting out to go down to the pubs.

    That said, I don't know that I could take it that long.

    1. Rick,
      There is a difference between casual relationships and being in the mindset of being owned. As long as there is no damage, pain and discomfort are part of the relationship.

      In the end, Master's touch and the soothing work that he does on my body, sex and being wrapped up in his arms make the pain bearable.

    2. Rick,
      I practice Yoga, the result is flexibility that works out well for bondage. It is something that I suggest for every bondage submissive.

  3. Aftercare - that makes the difference between the caring Master and the thug. After my last beating I was taken to bed and made love to in the most intense way. Heaven.

    Like your comment Rick - though going down to the "pubs" is what they do before they use us as urinals lol :)

  4. Sent an email Trace so as not to take up all the space here. T