Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friends Anniversay Party

We're in Seattle this weekend attending our friends anniversary party. There were a few women and maybe 50 leather or rubber clad men. A DJ slaughtered some of my favorite music to turn it into dance music. Ice filled tubs chilled beer and wine at corner of their house. People stood outside the doors smoking cigarettes.  A Christian pastor officiated over the renewal of their vows. I celebrated with my friends for a while before excusing myself.

I wanted to go to Daniel Smith, my favorite art supply dealer to see what is new. Master excused me, opting to stay at the party.

I couldn't understand why it was so important for my friends to have a Christian ceremony. It  seemed to me to be narrow minded and superstitious. "Our God in Heaven?" My friends are both pragmatic scientists who work in the aerospace industry. Do they really believe in a fictional character who sits among the clouds officiating over their lives? I am disappointed in them if they do.

I'm obviously not a Christian. I detest religion. It requires people to behave irrationally. murderously and ... I could go on and on. We are not separate from some personal god. Everything that we comprehend and can never comprehend is god.

Enough of this.

I shopped in the store until a sales associate asked me if he could help me with anything before they turned out the lights. It was long past closing time. They checked my customer information and told me that my purchases would be shipped out on Tuesday. I took the brushes I purchased with me. I think I may have a paint brush fetish. I love buying them and seeing them standing neatly in their brush holders on the shelf in my studio. I used to steal pencils and pens when I was a toddler and through grade school. I had drawers full of them.

I went to a small coffee shop and ordered a plain and simple Latte made with organic low fat milk and took it to a corner table to watch people come and go in the shop. I was in no hurry to go back to the party. I went to a homeless shelter that I knew of a homeless shelter not far from where I was walking under the pretense of using the restroom. I handed the manager an American Express Debit card on my way out. It has been months since the last time I've done anything like that. It's a selfish joy that reminds me that wealth is as more about giving than accumulating.

I sent Master a text telling him that I was going to the hotel then walked 30 blocks to get there.


  1. thank you the contribution to support Seattle's homeless. I was driving past one of the shelters today looking at all the people outside and realizing it will be very cold tonight here.

    1. There is no logical reason for anyone to go homeless or hungry. Money does nothing for anyone if all it does is sit in the bank.

      Thank you!

  2. You really are a bit of a wonderful person you know. Not sure many people with your background would have made it this far up that ladder.

    Religion - absolutely. Can't think of many wars and atrocities that weren't started by religion or religious bigots.
    Sounds like you had a perfect day, art shop browsing, walking, watching and doing others a goods turn. There's no shame in taking pleasure if you manage to give some as well.

    1. Early in human development, religion filled in for what we didn't know. I understand that. There has always been someone to take advantage of those who were looking for a higher purpose in life in the name of one god or another, each claiming to have the true god.

      With education and greater scientific explanation of the universe, it is amazing that people who have access to real truth choose to be superstitious and ignorant.