Friday, January 16, 2015

24 Hours of Torment So Far

It was his day to relax yesterday. He could do anything that he wanted with encumbrance or obligation. He wanted a long term bondage session! He couldn't decide what he wanted so I decided for him. "The Storage Box, Boy. out to the dungeon".

We got him rubbered up. Fist a tight cat suit then the heavy rubber bondage suit with attached hood, feet and mitts. If he pisses or messes himself it is collected in the suit. I gagged him with ball gag head harness and wrapped wide duct tape over that before zipping up the hood and locking it. I slipped his leather straight jacket over his rubber wrapped body, strapped it over him and locked the buckles. I pushed silicone tubes into his nostrils and played with his breath for a few minutes then started working him into the box. I strapped his torso against the back of the box then bent his legs up against his chest and strapped them to the sides of the box. I threaded the tubes out the holes in the top of the box and plugged them into a CPAP machine that forces air into lungs and allows him to breath out into the inside of the box. I closed the box around him leaving immobile restrained within it. The padding in the box seals against air and sound. He will heat up and sweat in the prison. A small infrared camera is attached to the inside of the box so I can visually monitor him and he has a monitor attached to his chest that will alarm me in case of stress.

He has spend many days in his storage box. He reacts different each time but he is generally relaxed. He tells me that he copes with the long hours by fantasizing and counting breaths or heart beats. I can tell that he is Zen. He quietly endures, not knowing when I will let him out.

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  1. I've fantasised about that box since I first read the story, it sounds so harmless in some ways yet I bet it's a bitch to endure for any length of time. Just the prep to get into it is erotic. Bets sauna I've heard about.

    Does Butch put his slave into it any more? I know you mentioned a while back he used it with Daniel. Have you tried it yourself yet or is that something you're not interested in doing, I only ask because I got the impression you tended to mainly only give out the things you've tried, or had to experience yourself. In my limited knowledge of tops and Masters the best ones only let others go where they've been themselves and I know what you said you had to go through with Reggie.