Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Famous Person and Thoughts About Personal Responsibility.

Some Famous Person had the guts to contact Master through my blog. Master has him strung up out in the dungeon.  I think I might go out and watch the actor play this very intimate role.

It has often occurred to me that the world can be a very scary place. The scariest thing is that most of us never do anything to personally fight against extremism and greed.

I approve of what France is doing and I think that anyone who is an extremist is dangerous, whatever their religion or creed.

We cannot point at Muslims without examining what Christians have done in their 2000 years of committing atrocities especially.  My personal view is that all religion is bad and it seems to me that justifying our violence and greed in the name of a god of any sort is a coward's way of avoiding personal responsibility.

The fact is that many of us have far more than we can ever use and we accumulate it at the expense, ultimately, at those who struggle to stay alive from day to day. Far, Far too many people live completely un-empowered existences. There will always be violence as long as the few have hundred-million dollar houses and millions upon millions are sick and starving.

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  1. Yet opening up our souls to the truth can make you feel so naked, probably because it hurts.
    Einstein has put it in a way that we all know is right, is the hardest to achieve and the only way forward.
    Me - I want to rescue that dog in your picture. The sentiments you express should apply to all living creatures not just man.