Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stand at Attention!

Master ordered me to stand at attention. He held a four foot long signal whip in his hand.


There was no explanation. None is required. I faced him while he cracked the whip near my left ear and then the right. The third crack hit my chest over the left pectoral, the fourth over my right. There was nothing to do but grit my teeth and follow his order.

"You are taking it like a man! Good slave!"

My front side was a mass of red welts studded with blood droplets by the time he decided that I had enough. He grabbed me and held me tightly in his immense arms. He kissed me all over my face and head then held me a step away from him. His chest glistened with drops of my blood.

He washed me with natural soothing suds in the shower then turned me around and bent me over, holding me by my hips. He fucked me, loading my ass with his giz. Yes, we bareback with each other and only each other. We stood under the waterfall shower and let it massage us until the water began to cool.

A friend sent this picture to me. I thought it was intriguingly creepy and just a little bit hot.

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  1. That picture - a little bit more creepy than hot to me. Reminds me of one or two alien films I've seen.

    The signal whip can be one of the cruelest in my experience, looks relatively weak compared with the bull whips but that sting!!! Takes something to stand to attention with that cutting you.