Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Been a Long Time (or So it Seems)

Master saw this picture on my New Year posting.

I can't get the tumblr address for a proper link.
He grabbed me from behind, catching my neck in the fold of his elbow and held me while he handcuffed my hands behind my back. He strung me up exactly how it is depicted in the picture. He gagged me with a ball gag, wrapping duct tape over and around my head then left me alone.
Master came back later, holding his twelve foot bullwhip. He threw it out on the floor between us. Without a word, he took several practice shots and then stepped forward to take a shot that wrapped around my right side. The knot landed on my back. The whole experience was aimed at my chest, thighs and wrapping around my sides. I had no choice but to take it. Limits are long gone. I feared each stroke but never feeling at risk od being hurt (damaged). Only one man has wrapped me with a whip and we never played after that.
Master removed the gag. It wasn't necessary anyway. I don't scream and cry out when being whipped because I am flying so high with Endorphins that it looks like I am comatose. I reached the magical moment when I started to have an orgasm. I fought it off and then, I felt a surge shooting through my entire body. My cock was painfully hard. I held it as long as I could before I spewed gobs of cum across the floor between us.
Master gave me a few sips of water then snapped a pair of clamps on my tits and left me. I hung exhausted in the restraints, waiting for what ever he planned to do next.
BTW: Everyone on the ranch has quit smoking. We are using Vapes instead.  Master, Christopher and Butch are using juice with nicotine in it. I am using nicotine free. It's a fun sort of hobby and a satisfying thing to do. The nicotine addicted guys are gradually cutting back to zero nicotine. 
The reindeer are settling in. We opened the gates separating the animals to allow them to mingle and check each other out. The biggest problem is with the Llama. The big guy is very territorial and fearless so when the reindeer got near the alpaca, he charged at them. 

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  1. Never been on the end of a 12 foot bull whip, I think half that has been my experience. I don't know how you can remain silent, you have my admiration. I generally scream especially when the knot grabs me on that soft bit of flesh just above the hip on your side. It has the same end result tho :)

    Are there any side effects with vapes? Never smoked - alcohol yes.

    I hope the animals get on after a couple of days. It sounds as if any problem with the Llama will be short lived - hopefully.
    Any time you want to post a pic of them it would be good.