Sunday, January 11, 2015

Beautiful Sound

I came home from a trip to the city. The other guys were out working or in town running errands.

Beautiful Sad Cello Songs trailed through the house from the direction of the boy's studio. I thought he had left his sound system on. I followed the sound, as I got closer to the studio, I heard the boy softly humming to his music. I wanted to surprise him so walked quietly. Reaching the door, I saw the boy facing a window with his eyes closed, with a cello between his knees.

I have never seen a cello in the house. I never knew that he played cello. It wasn't that he hid the fact, we never talked about.

I stood just outside of his studio door, listening as he move his bow across the strings. The songs were beautiful and sad. He played for a while before he shifted and opened his eyes. He saw my reflection in the window and turned around. "Don't stop", I said. He expressed happiness and sadness at the same moment. His eyes were wet with tears. "They found it and sent it to me, Fed-Ex delivered it".

The cello was stolen at Cornell while he studied there. It originally belonged to his Great Grandfather. He studied cello because his grandparents insisted that he learn to play music. He gave music up when his cello disappeared. The sad thing was that it was during the year that his grandfather died.

The boy continuously surprises me in so many ways.


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  2. Beautiful sound indeed. Do you know, I have one in the attic room, in it's case not touched for 15 years at least.
    It's sad when we leave beautiful things like that, they come alive only when we play them. Bit like our relationships with people, if we don't practice and interact they die.