Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reaching Inside

Sometimes, Master reaches deep inside of me and takes my fluttering and trembling heart and holds it gently and takes it inside of him where he protects, calms and nurtures it. It is a place of quiet rest.

I am not the easiest person to live with, at least that is what I think. My mind is noisy and often filled with neurotic thoughts. I can be distrustful but I intentionally make myself vulnerable to show myself that I can trust. I can find love by loving, even when I think I am unlovable. I cry to battle my stoicism and hug when I feel like isolating myself behind arms folded in front of my chest.

Master understands though he is so much my opposite


We skied every day and then scoured the shops for the fancy to buy. Cowboy hats and boots, hand woven blankets from Native Americans, antique clay pots and a cedar chair for the gallery in the center of our home. My favorite was a walking stick made from the root of a Juniper.

We sat in the Japanese tub every night drinking John Jameson Irish Whisky that has a 1964 tax stamp over the bottle cap. Does whisky age like a great bottle of red wine? I'm not sure but it tasted good enough to slowly sip.

Play was limited to a few pieces of rope and Master's belt, his cock, my mouth and ass. I am wearing the Carrara Chastity Belt and Master said he left the key at home. I am still locked in it.

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  1. By the sound of it you have had a great time in the snow. Jameson's probably doesn't mature quite like a decent red but it certainly doesn't get any worse. As for the key, hmmmm well, that's one item I'd have on a neck chain.

    Reaching Inside - You need to be the opposite sort of character to understand that, but of course you also need the sort of connection you have with Ian for it to work. That really was a sort of miracle meeting wasn't it.