Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm Not a Stoic, I'm Just Built This Way.

Note to Slave:  I'm not a stoic so there is no reason to congratulate or admire. I'm hardwired to go silent during and experience. I'm not tuning out or coping or a Ball Buster Bottom. I am easily turned on so I center in on the experience and sensation so much that I can't respond. It's like an orgasm when all you can feel is the exquisite intensity that courses through your body.

Smoking: I have never been a habitual smoker. I do it for the sensation or what I perceived as pleasure. I've never smoked a cigarette nor has Master. He does smoke a cigar once or twice a day but he has decided to give it up. He threw what was remaining in his humidor into the fire. Vaping is interesting. From all that I have read, it is not as damaging as smoking but it can be more addictive, depending on the level of nicotine, which in itself causes health problems.

I started using the zero percent level. Master started at 0.12 and has cut back to 0.2 in just a short time. The e-liquid is either food grade vegetable glycol (glycerin), medical grade propylene glycol or a combination of both. Propylene glycol has been used safely for more than 50 years in a large variety of applications. Studies have shown that propylene glycol has a very low degree of toxicity. No negative health effects from exposure to small amounts of propylene glycol have ever been observed. The authorities have approved the use of propylene glycol in sensitive applications such as in pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, and thus confirm its safety.

Master is not getting much nicotine but what he gets helps lessen the desire to smoke. The only thing that he is compulsive about is sex, which is a good thing for me.

The Llama are adjusting quickly. Other than that, things are peaceful in the barn and yard. The dear are getting used to the dogs. They are prey and predator in the wild so it will take a little longer.


I went out of the house sleep walking last night. I made it down to the road and woke up when a passing car honked. I was in a complete haze but knew enough to get my naked ass home. I was walking west in the direction of the ocean.

It was odd that the big dogs didn't fuss when I left the house. Tommy just followed me.

I'm seeing the sleep doctor again but in the meantime, Master said he's restraining me to the bed for my own safety. I've been sleep walking since I was a toddler.


  1. Thank you for the info. It sounds a good position to be in when you can experience like that.
    Vapes - well I presumed they were safe or they wouldn't be licensed but then cigarettes were promoted for health reasons in the 1920's weren't they. If it cuts down on the dangers of tobacco smoking then they must be doing some good.

    I remember you talking about sleep walking some time ago, just as well the car saw you in time to honk and not hit you. Trust Tommy to be there by your side.
    I smiled when I read Master would be restraining you to the bed, like you needed a reason :)
    Glad all is well with the animals.

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