Friday, January 2, 2015

Home At Last

Driving across Nebraska and most of Nevada seems like a trip that will never end.  I think we said "energize Scotty" more that a few times. The trip through the Sierras is magical, even from the freeway but there was never a moment that felt as good as passing Sacramento. It hardly seems fair that we have to drive almost to San Francisco to go north toward home.

How I love the usually unhurried, not quite rural vibe of the town.

The whole family was waiting for us. The chaos of the geese attacking an unknown vehicle lead to the greater flurry of barking dogs, except for Tommy. He waited quietly yet excited, waiting for his turn to be hugged, scratched behind the ears and wrestled. He knew who was in the van.

That makes six reindeer, we're short two to make up Santa's team. The older male's name is Sigurd, the female is Ana. The two younger were immediately named Helga and Arn as I greeted them in the field.

Master went to bed to rest the moment the dogs cleared a path for him. I sat on the ground, resting in front of the barn to spend time with Tommy, Sancho and Panza before going in to shower off the road dust. Tommy followed me as he always does.

I'm going out to help get all the fur children in the barn before dinner with the entire human family. It will give me an opportunity to connect with them after my absence.

I am looking forward to getting in a routine again. Master and I haven't been ourselves during the trip. I looking forward to having him around and in me for the night.

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  1. You know, however good a trip is and for whatever purpose, it's always good to get home and back into a routine that suits you.

    I generally question why I go places when on my return the dogs show they've missed me so much. With your host of fourlegged/wings I expect you feel more or less the same.