Monday, January 12, 2015


One of the tables in the play room is made of 8 foot long blanks with half inch spaces between them to allow straps or rope to be threaded through them.

Master ordered me to lay down on the table with my ass on the bottom edge and put a chair their so I had a place to rest my feet. He threaded a leather strap over my chest down between my arms and another strap over my stomach. He continued by restraining my upper arms and wrists to the table then ran a strap around my neck and another over my forehead. From that position, he wrapped a strap around my right ankle and bent my leg, strapping my ankle tightly around my thigh then repeated the process with the left leg. He tightened all the straps the used a long leather strap to pull my knees up against my body, leaving my ass hole extremely exposed.

I waited, expecting to be gagged and blindfolded but le left the playroom with me in a comfortable but very restrictive and vulnerable position.

He planned a small poker party in the playroom, complete with cigars and ice cold beer. They played for poker chips. Each started with fifty chips valued at a dollar a chip. They played until the first person reached $100. That player earned the right to rape me while the others watched. The game went on for several hours and players continued buying at $50.00 a pop for more chips. Each time climbed to another $100, my as was plowed for the reward. Needless to say, I was rapped repeatedly, loving every moment of it.

The players rewarded me at the end of the game with slow and painful tit torture while sucking my cock. They brought me to the edge over and over again until Master gave me permission to cum but not before he unrolled a condom over my cock to collect my cum. My body shuddered and convulsed as I finally came. Ecstatic pain went through my body and head that felt almost unbearable. Master pulled the condom off my cock and held it high in the air. He auctioned it off to the highest bidder who could do what ever he wanted with it. It brought in almost a thousand dollars. The winner wanted Master to suck it down. It wasn't the first time that he had swallowed my giz.

The winnings and the cash that was thrown around the table that night was collected with plans to give it to one of the area food pantries.

They guys decided to make the poker party a monthly event. Straight and Gay men attended the party.

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  1. Best charity auction I've heard of for some time. That food pantry will be grateful too. Great ideas Ian has, sounds like they played hard :)