Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Important News

You guys are finally commenting on my blog.  Thank You!  Every author needs his readers to let them know how he is impacting his readers.

I'm still alone except for Christian who is always present, whether or not I am aware of him.  He' gotten to be a good friend.  I spoke to Master on the phone this morning. He's been monitoring my blog.  We're thinking that I will continue blogging, although postings may sporadic during December.

My day started earlier than usual because I am so horny that I can't sleep.
I am the only animal caretaker again today so I cleaned the barn and corral as usual then fed and checked each animal for any external sign of special need. The new boy and girl started mingling with the rest of their new family. 

The Geese Militia went into attack mode while I was in the barns working, signaling that someone or something was invading their territory.  Sancho turned with a sudden start and ran out of the barn barking, alarming the rest of the puppies.  Pete had driven in without announcing himself.  He sat in the seat of his beat up jeep pilot waiting to be rescued. What a relief! Thanksgiving dinner is covered! He said his boss told him to leave when he gave notice. 

I helped Pete empty his jeep and carry his belongings to his room. He had only a big green duffel bag, two cardboard boxes, suitcase and a small silver case that contained his kitchen tools. I used to travel light myself and felt a little envious that he hadn't bothered accumulate "stuff".  I gave Pete the grand tour of the property, keys and American Express card for expenses.

He was very intrigued by the play spaces and wondered if he could take advantage of them.  He's another pervert, he should fit in perfectly.

I feel almost sick with horniness. I took a long warm show and upped the pressure on the shower shot to work my ass over.  I hoped to milk myself and hoped it would relieve my libido a bit. It didn't work because I knew Master wouldn't approve.  I hope Master comes home today.  I hate being left alone.

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  1. If December is a bit sporadic no matter, just write when you can. It will surely be just as inspirational and, may I say, entertaining - if that's the right word. Maybe it's because it's such a pleasure to read.