Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slow day on the hill

Life isn't all fun up here on the mountain sometimes it's just plain exciting. A Icelandic Horse breeder sent a couple of horses with a family from Canada that was making a trip to Southern California.  It was a convenience that I was glad to pay. We have a new mare and gelding in the corral now.  The girl is white and tan and the boy is almost all black with a deep brown mane and tail.

The newcomers were nervous and tired when they arrived.  I worked with by walking them around the fence and taking time to feed them apples that I made them bite into while I held them.  I talked to them in the softest sweet voice possible while we got to know each other. The big stallion came over to check the young female out and nuzzled her.  He greeted the boy and snorted at him, as if to let him know who was boss.  It was like a Master meeting a new slave.

This whole ranch "thing" has rapidly grown to be one of the best experiences of my life. It helps me calm down and makes me want to stay home. We're leaving for Europe in nine days. I love to travel but I wish we were going for a week instead of a month.

Master went to San Francisco today to spend the day with friends from London. I'm relishing the down time.


  1. Have re read this entire blog. Don't stop. You don't know how much pleasure and mental support it gives.

  2. I just came around this blog today and it is a very good one!
    The days that you spend together with your Master gives me a lot of inspiration.
    Don't stop it!