Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Trussing

Master came home while I was in the shower. The morning chores are done and I planned to go food shopping with Pete.  We kissed and hugged while I was still dripping wet. He unlocked my belt and told me to come out to meet our guests as soon as I was dressed.

I didn't know any of them.  I actually expected that they would be guys from The Clubhouse so I felt disappointed when I saw them sitting in the living room.  Not knowing them, I had no clue how to present myself so I stood beside Master and listened to him as he introduced us.  I'm not sure that they are gay, so I felt our home might have been invaded by straight people. I was even more anxious to get out with Pete for the day. Master allowed it.

Our first stop was at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa, which provided us with everything we needed for the weekend. Pete had a few favorite markets to stop at on our way home. We filled the entire truck bed and back seat of the cab. A lot of what we bought were pantry items to fill our almost completely bare shelves.  We stopped at a farm for an organically raised fresh turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

Pete made a quick dinner for the evening.  Big bowls of Ramen with tons of vegetables and slices of grilled beef tenderloin.  He made parfaits of ice cream topped with warm blueberry compote.  We dined around the kitchen table and finished off with wooden cups filled with warm Sake that we served in the family room around the fireplace.

I wish I had something to say about sex but there is nothing to report.  While Master entertained his friends, I went outside to bring the animals in and feed them.  I stopped whirling and swirling long enough to sit on the porch after checking the cottage. I lit my pipe before going back into the house.
It felt cold once I had a chance to relax but I was determined to finish my pipe.

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks again for your blog. I don't, for many unfortunate reasons, see my M any more and reading you helps me remember what was and allows me to dream of what might have been.
    I know it's not Master Ian's job to think of others you don't know but you may tell him that by allowing you to write as you do you are both making such a lot of people happy.