Monday, November 11, 2013

No pictures, No videos

Master is an immensely talented Master and Sadist. I feel that it would be interesting to video and photograph some of our activity.  He said "no" every time that I suggested it. He said it would take his attention away from the nature of our relationship. In addition, he suggests that I drop this blog all together because it apparently does not mean anything to visitors as is evident by the lack of response to my time and work.

We are leaving for Europe on December 2nd so it appears at this time that I will make my last post on the last day of November and that the blog will be deleted on December 1st.  I will maintain the content and continue writing in the form of a diary instead of blog.  It will be added to the writing that will be published as an erotic diary once it is edited.

I invite you to ask questions, make comments or express yourself if this blog has value to you.

The muscles of my right upper back are sore today.  I have been taking an over the counter analgesic all day.  I was in a mood that I rarely feel late yesterday.  I wanted to be left alone with a book and quiet music in my studio.  Master had an opposite desire.  He wanted to tie me tightly in rope and use me for a fuck hole. I never express reluctance much less try to refuse him. This strikes deep at the potency of our Master and slave relationship.  He does as he wishes and I am determined to do as he wishes, without complaint.

Master tied me using Shibari. He suspended me asymmetrically from a beam in the family room. He moved the rope over my skin with great sensuality. My limbs and body were layered in coils of rope that seemed to tighten themselves around my body as if they were Boa Constrictors.  The binding eventually became uncomfortable and then painful. Pain increased when I struggled. He left me hanging for several hours while he sat in his favorite corner of the sofa to read financial journals and magazine. He gagged me with duct tape wrapped over a cloth that he soaked with his piss.  I winced from pain that release from bondage intensified. My body was sore and tired. Most of the pain was relieved after Master gave me a massage that climaxed in deep tissue invasion.  The only pain left is in my upper back.

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  1. I have only just found this blog. Please try to impress upon your Master how important it is for those of us who read it. I feel I'm there with you and it makes me want to do so much more with my own Master who is very like yours, or so I judge. I really appreciate your writing. Enjoy Europe, I live there and yes, it's good.