Friday, November 29, 2013

Sitting pretty

The house was finally dark and everyone except Master was in bed.  Master took a long steamy shower after tending to the animals.  His cock was so red that it almost glowed. I was laying in bed uncovered with a woody poking up at the ceiling.  Master said that he was going to sleep in a guestroom so he didn't catch my flu.

He saw the silhouette of my cock and then grabbed his, "fuck no!", he said, "It's been too damn long since I fucked you".  He squirted a gob of lube on my cock and sat on it.  He's never done that before, I was shocked!  He fucked himself on my cock and I helped him do it by arching my back so he could feel my full length. I screamed "stop! I'm going to cum!"
"Fuck NO! BOY!  I'm going to milk you of ever drop and then I'm going to fuck you!"
I shot my load and then flipped over with my knees under by chest.  He pounded the hell out of my ass until he finally came. He collapsed at my side and he fell asleep wrapped around me.

I can't sleep now because I've been sleeping for days.


  1. Yep, flu doing the rounds here in the UK too. Thought I'd blow mine away with a fast blat on the bike but merely near missed a speeding ticket. Medication and log fires more the answer

  2. i have just found your blog i must said it is one of the best i´ve ever read. it´s special because of the words, not the images. a lot of slaves need to read about a tru slave living the life all they are looking for. please beg your Master to lett you going on writing this blog. and i beg you as well. this slave has it´s own blog and know what is to write with no response, but if only one slave find its path reading you, it worth while.